Diamond Atelier – Repositioning with Mark II

It has been quiet around Diamond Atelier the last couple of months. The Custom-Bike-Makers from Munich received emails and calls such as “do you still exist?” or “have you gone bankrupt?”. But the temporary silence was just a side effect to what was really going on.

By the end of 2016 they faced an immense issue. It was not a lack of clients – in fact it was the exact opposite. The demand for their products outnumbered their possible output many times, which forced them to create long waiting lists for future projects. They were forced to cancel events and meetings. As a result, some people perceived them as just acting overly exclusive, arrogant and cocky. The exact opposite of what they wanted.

The time has come to decide which direction to go from now on. Many custom bike builders in the scene willingly try to stay small and become experts in their niche, which for the most part works out very well. But Diamond decided to take the risk and expand the company.

Diamond Atelier will always produce their unique “DA#” builds. These projects shape the brand. At the same time they significantly increased their efficiency and professionalism. So the idea to launch a small series of custom motorcycles began to shape.

A small series bike is faster paced in production, suitable for a larger group of people and carrying less risk regarding the outcome. With their first series Diamond Atelier tries to make their products more approachable, thus more people can enjoy the feeling of owning and riding a custom motorcycle.
Diamond Atelier’s Custom Motorcycle Brand is called

The Mark II Series

Donor Bike
The Mark II Series is based on a BMW Monolever 247 frame. Why BMW again? Because Diamond Atelier is an expert on the Boxer Airhead base. A series should not include. The engines are variable and custom built to each client’s personal preferences and specifications.

Industrial Quality
Diamond Atelier teamed up with Mr. Jens Buchert, an engineering expert from Munich who “translated” the ideas into viable versions for industrial partners in Germany. The materials used are industrial CRP and GRP for the bodywork and V4A2 for the frame pieces.

All-in-one Design
The next chronological step was creating the design – by having motorcycle designer Julian Weber on board during the process,. It features a timeless shape, as well as an aggressive stance and low- slung silhouette in the true Diamond Atelier manner.

It was most important to have all components of the bike work together in the big picture: The length of the forks combined with the size of the wheel set makes for the perfect stance. The kick- up tail section flows with the angle of the gas tank. The single-sided exhaust ranges back as far as the bodywork – which is exactly to the center of the rear hub.

Performance and Durability
The Mark II Series is not a race-spec bike. The bikes are equipped with completely refurbished and black anodized 53mm USD forks in combination with double 320mm brake discs rotating in 6 piston Tokico calipers each. The latter connected to an ABM radial brake pump through steel- braided brake lines. To match the front, the rear shock is a fully adjustable Wilbers piece, which is custom-built to each driver’s specifications. The wheel set is pieced together from three different bikes out of the BMW family..
When necessary, the engines are completely rebuilt and transmissions together with the shaft drives are overhauled. The refurbished carbs are re-jetted to work with their respective air filter and custom free flow exhaust system – both being fully street legal if needed.
The entirely new cutting edge electrical system works with components from Kellermann and Motogadget as well as some custom goodies solely produced for these specific bikes. And as always with electronics: the less you see the better.

Personalization Options
The most obvious difference is the custom paint job. Of course every single color is hand mixed and unique.
Other personalization options often only differ in details, but it’s these details that make it “your own”. On the four featured bikes, Diamond Atelier has three different air intakes (closed filter, pod filter and velocity stacks), two exhaust systems (two in two and two in one), two speedometers (digital and analog), two wheel sets (17” and 18”) and two tail options (one seater and two seater). With every option the bike goes another direction, e.g. the turquoise R80 with 18” wheels and Firestone Deluxe Champions is a perfect example for a laid back and retro-styled BMW, whereas the uber- aggressive purple R100 with 17” wheels and semi slick tires is the complete opposite of a relaxed cruising bike.