Audi Union 1000 wins at 2. CfC Preservation Concours

For the second time 29 classic cars competed in the competition for the best preserved vintage car in an original condition at the CfC Preservation Concours, during the Warm Up 3 of the Motorworld Munich. This world-wide unique concours is devoted to the preservation of the original condition of classic cars. It is not about valuable high-gloss chrome finishes, but about those vehicles that have been maintained by their owners for decades. This also applies to thoroughbred vehicles from mass productions, which are not so easy to find in an unrestored state and which are real rarities in their preservation state.

A twelve-person expert jury evaluated these vehicles. Best of Show 2017 became the Auto Union 1000 from 1959. It was characterized by its original varnish, the factory original condition and the perfectly preserved interior. On the ramp the owner of Auto Union could also receive the class award “Sedans & Coupes”.
For the first time, a jury consisting of trainees also assessed the participant field. The junior jury awarded the “Apprentice Award” to the owner of the Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2000 Blindata, an armored vehicle from the previous ownership of the Italian Mafia boss Francesco Muto. Because of its extremely interesting, documented history, the Alfa Romeo also received the prize for the “Best History”.
In the class of pre-war vehicles, the small Austin Seven Chummy received the class award. At the same time, the british pre-war classic also received the “Classic Data Choice Award”, one of the sponsorship prizes. The oldest vehicle in the field was the Alfa Romeo RL S from 1922. The Motorworld awarded him with its Choice Award.
The visitors of the Preservation Concours found the field of microcars very appealing, consisting of a Kleinschnittger and the Fuldamobil. TV presenter and jury member Lina van der Mars did not take it to raise the Kleinschnittger to show how easy these vehicles are. The class award and the Initiative Kulturgut Mobility Choice Award won the original Fuldamobil.
An extraordinary patina has the Porsche 356 Speedster, which took the class win in the category “Gentlemen’s Toys”. The vehicle has matching numbers, is ready for driving and represents in a very visual form that a vehicle in its original state arouses special emotions. In addition, the Porsche 356 Speedster received the Award “Best substance preservation”, because the condition of the vehicle has been preserved professionally in its state.
The two- and three-wheeled motorcycles had their own class at the Preservation Concours. The owner of the BMW R69S was happy to receive his prize for the class win on stage.
Each participant of the Preservation Concours could already be considered a winner, because the admission to this unique competition is already an award for the vehicle.
On the winning ramp the participants of the Preservation Concours were able to receive the special prizes and the choice awards of the sponsors. The Classic-Car.TV Choice Award went to the Lancia Appia MK3 from 1963. The Alliance Choice Award was received by the Kleinschnittger.
The choice for the AvD Choice Award fell on the Porsche 924 GT in 1981. The Special Honoration Award went to the Gräfelfing Fire Brigade for the Klöckner Humboldt Deutz F6L Fire Truck, built in 1965.
The next CfC Preservation Concours will take place in April 2018. Applications are accepted on the website Next year there will be an additional class for commercial vehicles.

Best of Show:
Auto Union 1000 1959

Apprentice Award:
Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2000 Blindata, 1980

Class A Motorcycles “Born to be wild”
BMW R69S, Baujahr 1967
Class B Sedans & Coupes
Auto Union 1000,1959
Class C Pre War Cars “Charlston”
Austin Seven Chummy, 1926
Class D US Cars of the 60s & 70s “Streets of San Francisco”
Plymouth Satelite,  1968
Class E Thoroughbred & Microcars
Fuldamobil, 1955
Class F Post War Sportscars “Gentlemen´s Toys”
Porsche 356 Speedster, 1957
Class G Volkswagen Beetle Crawling
Volkswagen Typ 11,  1966

Allianz Choice Award
Kleinschnittger F125,  1953
AvD Choice Award
Porsche 924 GT, 1981
Initiative Kulturgut Mobilität Choice Award
Fuldamobil NWF 200, 1954
Classic Data Choice Award
Austin Seven Chummy,  1926
Classic-Car.TV Choice Award
Lancia Appia MK3, 1963
Motorworld Choice Award
Alfa Romeo RL S, 1922
Special Honoration Award
Klöckner Humboldt Deutz F6L Feuerwehr, 1965

Best Documentation
BMW 2000 CA, 1967

Best History
Alafa Romeo Alfetta 2000 Blindata, 1968

Best Prop or Accessories
Lincoln Continental Mark V, 1979

Best Substance Preservation
Porsche 356 Speedster,  1957

Best Interior
Ford Taunus P2 DeLux, 1973