Ferrari 328 GTS

Based largely on the Ferrari 308, the new Ferrari 328 GT, which was available from 1985 onwards, was much more pleasing than its angular predecessor 308. The design was modified and distinguished by straight lines with sweeping accents.

The front and the rear of the body, designed at Pininfarina, have been slightly stretched and rounded. This makes the 328er bigger, compared to the 308. In truth, however, the difference is just 10mm in length.

The designation 328 encapsulates in the “3” and “2” for 3.2 liters and the “8” stands for the 8 cylinder engine.
The 328 was available as a closed GTB version, Grand Tourismo Berlinetta and as GTS, Grand Tourismo Spider. The GTS version shown here has as a special feature the removable Targa roof, with which the Ferrari combined the fresh air experience with the safety concept.

The engine power of the transversal V-8 engine in the rear was strongly increased compared to 308. Thus, the 328 GTS has a displacement of 3185 ccm with a power of 271 hp at 7000 rpm. This powerful drive accelerates the sportscar within 5.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h. Ferrari fans also note, that most of the work on the engine of the vehicle, can be carried out without having to lift the engine out of the chassis.

The series of the 308/328 model was built at Ferrari about 20,000 times. Among the most popular variants was the GTS model shown here. Today it is a highly coveted classic.