Secret Supercar Meet 2017 – the world’s greatest “family” Photo

A spectacular gathering of 210 Supercars was held on Sunday, April 9, at Bruningthorpe Test Track in Leicestershire, UK. Cars worth over 50 million pounds sterling gathered at gorgeous weather to celebrate the start of the supercar season.

The event is the annual „secret“ meeting and the season opening of Supercar Driver members. The event had two aims: first, to serve a good cause, but also the chance to bring everyone together to make the world‘s largest „family photo“!

An incredible selection of cars made their way to the test track to gather for the photo. Already the front row had a value of over 15 million pounds. Poster Cars like F40s, F50s, an Enzo, Carrera GT, 918 Spyder, McLaren P1, two rare Jaguars like the XJ220 and XJR15 racing cars and the latest and greatest Bugatti Chiron flanked by two Veyrons.

The second row consisted of even more emblematic and rare supercars starting with a series of Ferrari specials: F12 TDF, 599 GTO, 458 Speciale, 16M, 430 Scuderia, 360 Challenge Stradale and the crazy Novitec N-Largo. Next came a British trio with a Noble M600 flanked by an Aston Martin GT8 and V600 Le Mans.
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