Alfa Romeo Bertone

In the early 1950s Alfa Romeo began planning a convertible that was intended primarily for the American market. Bertone and Pinin Farina were commissioned to design a prototype for this new series model “Giulietta Spider”. In 1955 four different prototypes were produced for the spider variant, including the model shown here with the serial number 00004 from Bertone. Bertone had designed two of the prototypes. Franco Scaglione was responsible for Bertone’s design.


This spider is built on the shortened chassis of the Giulietta, which was produced from 1954 to 1960 in a variety of bodies. The wheelbase is just 2196 mm.

The shapely curved body is completely made of aluminum. While the first prototype model from Scaglione still had clear tail fins, the rear lights were integrated into the rear fins. The Giulietta Spider prototype looks very compact and not very spacious. But there is enough space for two people, which also contributes to the steering wheel switching.
The heart of this prototype corresponds to the Alfa Romeo four-cylinder in-line engine with 1290 cc, which was presented with the Giuliettas in 1954 and has a power of 65 hp at 4500 rpm. This makes the small Alfa Romeo extremely lively and powerful.

Bertone received neither the prototype nor the second design of Alfa Romeo for the design of the new Giulietta Spider models. Pinin Farina made the race and the Giulietta, launched in 1955, came from his pen.

The model shown here is one of the rarities of the automobile history and was considered a long time lost. Meanwhile, in the hands of an Italian collector, it was restored to the original state and completely restored.