Avignon Motor Festival

In south of France, Avignon Motor Festival is a reference. This classic car show is a rendez-vous set in the end of march. This year, weather was bad but the three main exhibitions were a success.

In 2017, Ferrari celebrates its 70th anniversary. It will be a recurring topic on some classic car shows. In France, Retromobile launched this with a beautiful exhibition. A few weeks before the show in Avignon, we could wonder about the ability of organizers to bring a rich, varied and prestigious exhibition.
The least we can say is that they reached their goal! Ferrari 225, F40 and F50, sportcars of the 50s, some Dino including a Fiat and 250 from the LM to the « Tour de France ». There were 4 exhibitions that were dedicated to the Maranello brand.

In the hall A, it was completed by a veteran cars exhibition. Beautiful specimens joined the party, with names that often have completely disappeared from the automotive landscape.

The other exhibition not to be missed was less visible. After Renault last year, they paid homage to the Peugeot production. For the occasion the clubs dedicated to the brand had gathered around a beautiful plateau. Among the cars brought by the clubs, we noticed a 203 Coupé that would not be unworthy in the middle of the other cars. The others, a 401 and a 601, both convertibles, a superb 402 coach, a 302 Darl’Mat modified after the war, a strange racing car and the SR1 concept to remind that the brand can still seduce the enthusiasts.

The big innovation of the Avignon show was an auction. Here we found the Parisian house Leclère Motorcars, newcomer in the classic cars since it was only its third sale in that speciality. Three catalogs were proposed for the event, The first was dedicated to motorcycles, the second to racing cars and the last more widely to classic cars. A large catalog which occupied a hall and expanded outside.
If the racing cars were mostly converted road models, there were some beautiful ones. We noticed an Alfa Romeo 2600 ready for the Tour Auto and a Lola T70 ready to keep up with many “more prestigious” cars.
Classics were led by a trio of Hispano Suiza that did not succeeded and a Ferrari 330 whose sale price greatly contributed to the overall success of the sale.

Around that we found what made the usual success of the Avignon Motor Festival. Halls dedicated to tractors, trucks, motorcycles, racing cars, dragsters, military vehicles, all around the outdoor car park. The latter was hard to fill up on Friday and Saturday, the rain not helping, but it was really stormed on Sunday.

Not helped by the weather either, the sellers of autojumble outside. If some had folded their stand on Friday night, the courageous ones could nevertheless offer a large variety of pieces and tools for the amateur or professional restaurateurs who had made the trip.
On the side of the other pros, in the halls, there were also well-stocked stalls, with all that it takes to remake a beauty, a health or simply to rebuild their classic. Most of the industry’s top professionals in the area are present, every year for the Avignon Show.are always present at the Avignon Motor Festival.