Borgward and the bags

Visions and the courage to take a new path, keeping an eye on people and the demand for innovation and the highest quality – that made Carl W. Borgward one of the largest car manufacturers in the history of automobiles. It is exactly this quality requirement that is pursued by Petra Borgward, the third generation of the Borgward clan. The wife of Borgward grandson and mother of the great-granddaughters Lina and Marie started with their own pocket collection: Borgward – Bagforgood. In Munich we met Petra Borgward at the MOTORWORLD in the Kesselhaus.

“When I sit in an Isabella, it’s like a time jump. It is as if C.F.W. Borgward sitting next to me. Because of our family time in his villa, in an environment that we could experience in its originality and as if he had just left the room, I feel like I am in the Isabella as in C.F.W. home, “noted Petra Borgward at the photoshooting. Very close to the historic Borgward-Villa in Bremen at the Horner Heerstraße, the portable Bordward-Unique are created today, bearing the logo inspired by the famous rhombs. The handmade bags are single pieces – made in Germany. The Borgward Bags are manufactured in the Bremen factory, where Petra Borgward also chooses the materials for each product bag. Only selected small quantities of beef pelts, horse nappa leather or leather of Indian water buffaloes from German tanneries are suitable. The customer can personalize his bag also with unusual jewelry rivets.

A special feature of the bags – it is available in three different sizes – is the red inner leather, in line with the interior of the Borgward Isabella. They are available as Daily Bag, Weekender and also as Purse Clutch. Each bag has the format of a classic. The pockets impress with their simplicity and the vintage character, which is created by the choice of the materials. The bags tell of understatement and value. It was important for Petra Borgward to put functionality in the foreground. Borgward bags can be worn during the day as well as going out in the evening.

Every production needs its time. The more unusual the customer request are, the longer they need to wait for the individual model – sometimes it can even take a month until the masterpiece is finished.

Who now thought these bags were only for ladies, has deceived. Some models are also available for the classical gentlemen. Here too, each bag can be customized.
The collection is supplemented by key pendant, leather belt and I Pad / I Phone cases.