Elvis BMW 507 is back home

The BMW 507 of the rock ’n‘ roll legend Elvis Presley is back. On May 11, 2017, the BMW Museum celebrated the opening of the special exhibition „The Rock ’n‘ Roll Phoenix“ on the occasion of the restoration of the cult car. Elvis‘ BMW 507 by BMW Group Classic „. The guests were expecting a live band, which revived the fifties in the 1950s, alongside the restored BMW 507 of the „King“, captivating punching machines as well as interesting talks from Zeitzeuge and the technical competence team of the BMW Group Classic.

The BMW 507 from Elvis Presley is no stranger to the BMW Museum. Already in 2014 visitors were able to visit the aging roadster shortly after the rediscovery and transfer into the possession of the BMW Group Classic – strongly demolished and rusted after its decades of storage in the gourd barn of the American space engineer Jack Castor. This roadster has a turbulent history under its eight paint layers, which the BMW Museum illuminates from May 12, 2017 for five months.

The legendary BMW 507, of which only 251 pieces and three prototypes were built, was presented for the first time at the IAA 1955 in Frankfurt. With one of these rare vehicles, the roadster with the chassis number 70079, racing legend Hans Stuck (sen.) Successfully raced several Bergrennen, including the legendary Rossfeldrennen. Already in 1958 this vehicle changed the owner: The King of Rock ’n‘ Roll bought the elegant roadster during his time as a GI in the Federal Republic. During this time, Elvis Presley had the white sports car painted in red. Little is known about the time in the United States – it is certain that the BMW 507 with the special vehicle number was used again at races, received further new paintings and lost its original engine from Elvis‘ times as well as some original components.