Auction – Unique Bond Aston Martin for sale

There are opportunities that are so rare, that they will remain probably unique. So it is with the Aston Martin DB10, exclusively produced for James Bond by Aston Martin. The London auction house Christie’s calls him for sale on 18. February as part of a charity auction.
The Aston Martin DB10 could be seen in action in the 24th James Bond movie “Spectre”. The auction house takes appearance of the agents movie on DVD as a reason for the sale of the collector vehicle. A considerable revenue of approx.1 million pounds is expected. Only ten copies of the Aston Martin DB10 were built – so he’s now an aspirant for the automotive events in future generations. This DB10 is the only example, which can go to a private owner. It is equipped with a 4.7 litre V8 engine and six-speed manual gearbox. Maximum speed 190/mph. The outer shell is made from carbon, everything in the Interior was made by hand in the highest quality.