Frankfurt Racer – the flying Volkswagen-Porsche

Porsches are his passion and when the 35-year old Chris Runge looks back on the start of his recent career today, all appears as a whim of fate. The American from Minnesota had travelled to South Dakota, to look at a Porsche 912 year of construction 1967 of a deceased elderly man. When the widow opened the garage, he discovered a treasure that would change his life.

English wheel, hammers in all variants, lathe – tools, almost everything for the production of car bodies. The spark jumped over and Chris Runge appropriated himself the ability to create curves and shapes out of sheet metal and aluminium plates. Today, he produces dream cars with retro design. His team is now associated with the knowledge of two motor veterans, Tom Bruch and Chuck Beck. Bruch had learned his craft in the 1960s at Volkswagen and VW engines and is considered as the engine specialist. Beck has to offer a lot of experience with a repertoire of more than 3000 built replicas.

After Runge’s Frankfurt Flyer had caused furore, the young man now presents his next vehicle: the FF3003. This is the third generation of the Frankfurt flyer, build on a steel tubular frame with torsion suspension in the front and  a swing axle fitted in the back.

The engine is picked by land speed  record holder VW modifying specialist Tom Bruch from a 1958 VW 36 HP acquired, with a counterbalanced crankshaft from the Porsche 912 to increase the stroke from 64 mm to 74 mm. The racing feeling with a historical claim and the personally created body is available from $ 95,000.