Pop Art & Cars – James Francis Gill

Since 1 June 2017, the Museum Art & Cars in Singen presents a new exhibition. Once again the art is complemented by fascinating classic vehicles. The current exhibition “Pop Art & Cars – James Francis Gill” is currently considered the most important museum exhibition in Europe. James Francis Gill was born in 1934 in Takoha, Texas. His works influenced the US American art scene of the 1960s and were exhibited simultaneously with Andy Warhol, Edward Hopper and Roy Lichtenstein. All the defining artists of the pop art scene. Gill’s work “Marilyn Triptych” is exhibited at the Museum of Modern Arts in New York.
The exhibition on James Francis Gill in the MAC Museum shows a comprehensive compilation of his very early works, which have never been shown outside of the USA and the largest Marilyn Monroe portrait ever. This artwork and a picture of a silver arrow was painted by Gill exclusively for this exhibition.
As an addition to art, vehicles are exhibited which are connected with the life of Gills and his country of origin, or have been chosen by him as a subject. In addition to the American automotive legend Ford T is also a Corvette C 1 to see as the artist himself possessed. At the same time, Gill’s friend, the film actor John Wayne, had an identical model. In addition, a pink Ford Thunderbird to match Marilyn Monroes. In one room is a Volkswagen beetle, which was covered with a foil wrap printed by Gill.
Three Indianapolis “Indy 500” racing cars are staged in the darkroom. The Lucenti, Kurtis Kraft and Mercedes Benz W154 have never competed against each other in a race, but are perfectly connected by the atmosphere and the pictures of Gill.
For the first time an exhibition at MAC Museum Art & Cars will be supplemented by motorcycles; With the Indian brand, as a symbol of the American freedom love.
James Francis Gill’s career was at its peak when, in 1972, he suddenly retreated into his own exile. He did not want to be further exposed to the constraints of materialism and saw his happiness in solitude. In the 1980s, Gill began painting as an architect again. His style changed considerably, since from 1987 he used computer and printer as an aid to his works. Gill’s works are increasingly political statements.
In 2010 Gill begins a new phase of his creativity. He once again takes a closer look at his classical pop art painting and creates numerous new pictures by Marilyn Monroe, which is a special focus in his portrayals. Gill works more and more with montage effects, which he previously set on the computer. He calls this technique “Metamage” or “Mixed Media”. There are several works that seem abstract and almost surreal.
The spectacular exhibition at the MAC Museum Singen “Pop Art & Cars – James Francis GILL” runs from Saturday, June 3, 2013 – Sunday, 05.11.2017.