New Look for R nineT Scrambler

Customizer Jens vom Brauck presented the modified BMW R nineT Scrambler to the public for the first time in the picturesque town of Monza. The Cafe Racer Festival “The Reunion”, took place from May 19-21, offered the perfect setting for the newest work from JvB-moto, the motorcycle designer’s “office”. This marked BMW Motorrad’s first collaboration with Jens vom Brauck, who has often emerged from his base in Cologne-Mühlheim with acclaimed, award- winning conversions.

With the redesigned R nineT Scrambler, BMW is celebrating not only the premiere of a unique model, but also one of the first ever complete conversions of a Scrambler: this is the first time the motorcycle has received more than a new paint job and a few additions.

Jens vom Brauck’s R nineT represents a mix of functional design and old- school style: the spirit of Land Rover, a reminiscence of Unimog and a hint of Bobber. The bike now makes a narrower overall impression, which highlights its large engine.

Jens vom Brauck has mulled, sketched and tinkered for eight months in his effort to customize the Scrambler to his demanding imagination. “The biggest challenge was the tank,” vom Brauck explains. “It’s much narrower and six centimeters shorter than the original, which completely alters the feeling of driving since the driver has to sit much further up.”

The result is the creator’s passion brought to life: the Scrambler is quite simply a creative masterpiece, even more powerful than expected despite its reduction.

After the “Reunion”, the bike will be on display at other events including BMW Motorrad Days (July 7-9), Pure & Crafted (August 26-27) and Glemseck (September 1-3).