Luxury in the box

What do John Travolta, Alain Prost and the Spanish Queen have in common? Like many other VIPs, they are owners of an artwork by ,Ruee vers I art’. The label was founded by designer Patrick Richard, who has been producing three-dimensional jewels for 30 years – the main actors are mostly model-cars.

Each of these handmade and custom-made decorations reflects a hobby or a great passion of collectors or art lovers. And again and again, the works are equipped with a special eye-catcher when it comes to Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar, Mercedes or other ,prestige cars’.

After six years of graphic and art studies, first in Paris, then at the ,Academie of Fine Arts’ of San Francisco, Patrick Richard, born in 1956, works as a designer for several years. In 1988, when tidying up his old children’s room, an old Ferrari model car fell into his hands – the idea of ,Ruee vers I Art’ was born.