EVEX 910e: The 1 million-euro electric car

Almost 50 years after the participation of this vehicle type in the 24-hour race of Le Mans has the electric mobility specialist Kreisel Electric Together with EVEX Fahrzeugbau GmbH, presented an electrified super sports car: the EVEX 910e gyro. The vehicle creates more than 300 kilometers per hour, accelerates from 0 to 100 in 2.5 seconds and, in contrast to the historic original Porsche, has a road registration. In cooperation with EVEX, a manufacturer of historical sports cars from the 70s and 80s, the vehicle is available in limited quantities. Price for the first electric car of the Kreisel brand: One million euros.

After the rebuilding of the Mercedes G-Class, presented by the gyros in January with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Kreisel brothers and their team again show that the electromobility belongs to the future and there are hardly any limits. “With the first, commercially available rotary electric car begins a whole new chapter for our company,” says Markus Kreisel, Managing Director of Kreisel Electric GmbH. “The EVEX 910e gyro combines the feeling of sitting in a fascinating classic car, with the indescribable dynamics of 490 electric horsepower and a torque of 770 Newtonmeters – and without a guilty conscience.”

2-speed gearbox for electric mobility

The construction of the vehicle began gyros and EVEX in August last year. To enable breathtaking acceleration and maximum speed, Gyro developed an automated 2-speed transmission with a transmission of 8.16 (1st gear), 4.67 (2nd gear), self-locking differential and integrated, electric oil pump Lubrication and cooling. The gearbox is also offered by the Austrians as a stand-alone product.
In the EVEX 910e gyro with a total weight of 1,100 kilograms, a high-performance Akkupack (lithium-ion) with 53 kilowatt hours is installed, which promises a realistic range of 350 kilometers in road traffic. In order to accommodate the battery system together with the drive train in the rear, the frame of the original vehicle was slightly modified. In addition, Kreisel developed a new cooling system for the high-performance drive, which replaces the previous air cooling system.

Energy management: sports car becomes home memory
The storage system can be charged quickly with up to 100 kilowatts and even enables intelligent energy management in conjunction with the photovoltaic system of a single family home. By bidirectional loading, the sports car is even used as a home memory, which stores the regenerative energy and feeds it back into the house.

EVEX Fahrzeugbau GmbH is a manufacturer of historical vehicles from the 1970s. In addition to the electric version, the company is launching the EVEX Porsche 910 as a replica of the Porsche with an internal combustion engine in a small series. The electric super sports car celebrated its world championship at the Techno-Classica in Essen.