Schloß Bensberg Supersportscars Classic

The “Bensberg Supersportscars Classic” started with a large number of sports cars and PS-strong cars. With 13 brands, the most prestigious companies in this segment were represented before the backdrop of the former hunting lodge. For the first time, current high-performance automobiles and historical sports cars were presented side by side. Visitors appreciated the connection between history and modernity.

On Saturday, the rally in the Bergische Land started – traditionally based on the former automobile events of Schloss Bensberg. At the lunch stop, many spectators admired the vehicles in Schloss Ehreshoven. The courtyard of the moated castle converted into a luxury car park. While one of the rally teams had just started for the midday break, the others were already resting to the last stage. In the inner courtyard of Schloss Bensberg, the finish line was rewarded with a glass of champagne.
The special feature of Schloss Bensberg is the hyper- and super sports car presentation of new vehicles, which are younger than 20 years. They also started the rally, but outside the trial. For automobile enthusiasts, the corporations, specialists and car collectors, under the direction of the magazines Autozeitung, ClassicCars and the Schlosshotel Bensberg had a wide offer.

MacLaren, Lamborghini and Ferrari presented his treasures in the garden of the castle in the left wing of the plant. James Bond would have been delighted to see the wide range of Aston Martin brand cars available.

Bentley stretched the curve from the dynamically luxurious Bentley R-Type, to today’s luxury companions like the Bentley Continental Supersports with 710 hp.
To fight against the supersport elite of his time, Jaguar once built the XJ220, an attempt to build the fastest road-legal vehicle. The visitors of the SBSC were allowed to admire one of the specimens at Jaguar. After all, the XJ220 reached a top speed of 348.8 km / h. In addition, the new Jaguar F-Pace and the F-Type, with Kompressorenladenem V8 aggregate.

Porsche expert Ruf showed up with its own series of show cars – including the world record car Yellowbird and the very first Porsche 901, which was shown at the Frankfurt Automobile Salon.

For the first time the French brand Alpine presented its latest model in Germany to the public. They also showed legendary predecessors, such as the Renault Alpine A110 or the Alpine A 310 V6. The Sunday of the “Schloss Bensberg Supersportscars Classic” was dominated by the Concours. Traditionally, the jury is chosen by a jury of experts who best embodies the spirit of the event. A challenge for the jury. The spectators were also allowed to choose their favorites.

Among the exhibited vehicles were some real precious objects. The Ferrari 250 GT “Boano Prototype” Coupé, built in 1956, with Pininfarina bodywork was built only nine times. One of the early prototypes was the one shown at the SBSC. Even if the prototype bears the logo of Pininfarina, the body was built at Boano for production reasons. The vehicle belonged to the racing manager Paul Blancpain.

Beside the Ferrari there were also other prototypes and individual pieces in front of the castle. Among them is the Jaguar Biondetti Special from 1950. Although a Jaguar logo is the front of the vehicle, Clemente Biondetti had fitted the Jaguar C-type technology into the chassis of a Ferrari for the Grand Prix and the Mille Miglia. The DKW Thurner RSR, built in Bavaria, was built in 1971. A single piece, built on the NSU 1200C floor set with a plastic body. The small wing door is equipped with an 80 PS strong NSU TT four-cylinder injector.

A pure experiment and prototype vehicle was the Mercedes Benz C111 from 1970. These prototypes were used mainly as test vehicles for plastic bodies, turbochargers, Wankelmotor and diesel engines. Merdes Benz Classic had brought one of the Series II models to the Concours.
The Ferrari Sbarro Tornado SB2 prototype was designed for the 2005 Geneva Motor Show. The futuristic body designed by Sbarro sits on the chassis of a Ferrari 456 from 1994. Next to it, another prototype, the Bizzarrini BZ 2001 from 1991. Also here served a Ferrari chassis as the basis for the shapely bizzarrini body. This vehicle was able to convince the jury, so the owner took the first place to award the prize in this class.

Oldest vehicle in the field was the Invicta 4.5 liter of 1931. Collector Peter N. Heydon brought an Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 from 1953 with an extraordinary bodywork of Carrozzeria Garavini. Thus the formschöne Cabriolet received the winner’s prize in the class pre-war vehicles.

Of course at a Concours for Supersportwagen the genuine Rennboliden may not be missing. Several times a day, the Ford GT40 owners made a small displacement-sturdy motor coach that drove the visitors in droves. 1964 went a Porsche team with a Porsche 911 on the rally Monte Carlo. At the SBSC, this Rallye Monte Carlo Porsche 911 was built 1964 from the Porsche Museum. The BMW Alpina 3.0 CSL was named “Batmobile” because of its oversized spoiler at the rear of the racing car.
The expert jury chose the Porsche 356 “American Speedster” from 1958, a deliberate reminiscence of the Porsche 356 racing car with Drauz bodywork, with which Joe Buzzetta 1961 among other things the American SCCA National Marlboro Championship drove.

The price of the audience went to the Porsche 356 B Cabriolet with police configuration, built in 1961.