Osnabrück Hillclimb News

When the starter’s flag is lowered, a very special jubilee is starting in the Osnabrück country from 4 to 6 August 2017: the Int. Osnabrücker ADAC Bergrennen, which has long been an iconic automobile event for fans and friends, will be held for the 50th time on the 2.030 km long track of the “Uphöfener Berg” in Hilter-Borgloh. On the occasion of the anniversary, the program is packed with new highlights and special features.

McLaren MP4-12C – A fantastic racing vehicle and a young pilot
For its anniversary, the MSC Osnabrück has invited a number of top-class racing cars with their top pilots. The McLaren MP4-12C is certainly one of the many highlights on the 1 st of August. The fast-paced sports car in racing version is piloted by the 23-year-old Pierre Courroye, whom is currently racing in the French Mountain Championship and leading the ranking unquestionably after 7 of 13 races. The white vehicle has the charm of a design studies, the sound and power with which it is propelled and the ability of the young man to push the power pack up the mountain will keep the audience in their breath. This vehicle, which is unique throughout Europe in the Bergrennen discipline, is coming to Germany for the first time.

Kremer – Porsche Racing comes to the mountain
For the first time, one of the most famous and successful Porsche Motorsport teams, Kremer-Racing from Cologne will actively intervene in the racing scene. The team, which has been successful in motorsport for more than 50 years, will bring the legendary Kremer Porsche 997 K 3 to the start. The vehicle is piloted at the “Uphöfener Berg” by the professional racing driver Wolfgang Kaufmann.

The fast TV presenter Lina van de Mars

Since 2003, the sympathetic Lina van de Mars has been regularly present in various TV and radio formats and is particularly known as a presenter. Motorsport has been a passion for motorsport for many years and in the past years it has played a number of top-class competitions in the automotive industry. In recent years, she has competed in the Opel Rallye Cup during the German Rally Championship. Lina van de Mars will sit at the wheel of a Lexus LC 500 that is more than 500 hp and will be launching for the “Skate aid” campaign she supports. Most recently, Lina and Rallye legend Jutta Kleinschmidt were part of the GORM in a 24h race.

Premiere in Germany: Geoffrey Schatz
The Frenchman Geoffrey Schatz makes his debut in Germany with the super fast 3000 Reynard 01 L. In France, the automobile sportsman from Azé, north of Lyon, is one of the best known pilots on the mountain. After all, in recent years he has been able to achieve a number of successes in the highly occupied French mountain champion. The runners-up from 2014 and the third place finishes in 2015 and 2016 are now undisputed on the second championship rank after 6 races this season. Geoffrey Schatz wants to prove his potential in Osnabrück and wants to land well in the front.