2CV in Portugal

30 years after the first meeting in Portugal the friends of the 2CV returned: At the end of July 2017, the 22nd International Citroën 2CV meeting took place in Ericeira. More than 1,300 vehicles came together in the Portuguese city near the capital Lisbon to celebrate the legendary and popular Citroën model.

The Citroën 2CV, well known in Germany as „Ente“ (duck), celebrated its world premiere at the Paris Motor Show in October 1948. With its unusual appearance, refined design, extreme economy and versatile utility, the Citroën 2CV captured the audience and quickly became a symbol the freedom.

On July 27, 1990, the last 2CV left the band at the Mangualde plant in Portugal. Until then, a total of 3,868,631 limousines and 1,246,335 vans were produced – the Citroën 2CV is thus one of the best-selling models of the brand with the double angle and is now a sought-after collector’s item. At present, 12,000 „Enten“ are still on the road in Germany.

The International Citroën 2CV meeting was first held in Finland in 1975 and has been held every two years in different countries. After Ericeira had already been the venue in Portugal in 1987, the friends oft he 2CV returned to the 22nd edition from July 26th to 30th.

At the world’s largest gathering with more than 1,300 vehicles, the participants expected a varied supporting program. There was a Citroën 2CV parade from Ericeira to the famous National Palace of Mafra, the largest castle and monastery complex in Portugal. Citroën was a bridge between history and modernity – three new Citroën C3s also took part.

In the special Citroën 2CV Museum in Ericeira, specially designed for this year’s meeting, numerous models, photographs, books and miniatures from the Conservatoire of the brand were admired. There were other entertainments like a race and The assembly and disassembly of a 2CV.