Ford – Do you know TT?

Everyone knows the Ford T-model, the vehicle legend that became a global sales sling. But do you know the TT model? Although far less well-known, this vehicle had a huge impact on the world of cars – as a pioneer of today’s vans and pick-ups, including today’s successful Ford Transit model family.

When it was built exactly 100 years ago, the TT model was the first as a custom-built 1-ton commercial vehicle from Ford. At that time, customers had the option of equipping the chassis supplied with the equipment with the appropriate superstructures to transport it – from the lettering to gasoline drums. The vehicle was initially manufactured exclusively in the USA, with the production also increasingly being extended to other international plants such as the one in the British Manchester or from 1926 on the first Ford factory in Germany in West Berlin.

The TT model was longer and even more stable than the T-model and offered in its airy cabin space for the driver and a passenger. The vehicle was timed with a crank. In other respects, the vehicle was more rustic, but on request, air-filled tires could also be ordered instead of the standard solid rubber tires – a considerable improvement for driving comfort at that time.