Avionics V1 – the slightly different e-bike

What happens when you cross a chopper with an e-bike? Jaromir Dziewic and Bartek Bialas have tried it. As a result, the two Krakows present the Avionics V1. It looks like a naked bike, but is powered by an electric motor. With a power of 5,000 watts in the free mode, the cool vehicle achieves a top speed of 58 km / h.

If you want to drive without permission and slower, the engine can be throttled to 250 watts in road mode. Then the Avionics V1 also reaches the promised range. In the stronger free mode, the range will unfortunately shrink accordingly to a minimum.

The design of the Avionics V1 is a real jewel: the purest, naked look of an original motorbike, the Polish tinkers painted the bike in matt black. Handles, saddles and engine covers are made of wood.

The price of the vehicle is not given, in September the first copies are to go to the market, for the distribution is the Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo responsible. Whoever orders now is to receive a discount of 40%.