The Urban Outlaw visits Germany

Magnus Walker has a remarkable fan base in Germany. For two weeks, the iconic Porsche collector and -mechanic visited the home country of his passion. And where he showed up, other Porsche enthusiasts were not far away.

Three times the “Urban Outlaw” invited to the Gathering via Facebook. But at the first event at Berlin Olympiastadion there were not so many fans. Perhaps they haven’t realized that the Porsche hippie was there, because the number of vehicles was rather low.

So Magnus Walker made a second start in Hamburg. And well, on the evening of August 6th, the Fischmarkt could have been renamed in “Porschemarkt”. 200 vintage cars and 500 people came to the “Outlaw Gathering”. Among the cars there were 100 Porsche 911 and four rare 911s. Walker himself has at least one 911 from every production year (1964 to 1973) in his garage at home in Los Angeles. Then the Porsche convoy opened and drove through Hamburg’s streets.

In the meantime, Walker, of course, made a break in Zuffenhausen. A few days later oldtimer fans met him in the pouring rain at the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix on August 11th at the Nürburgring to the well-visited “Oldtimer Gathering”.