Infinity Prototype 9

How would an electrified race car have perhaps looked out in the 1940s – possibly like the new Infinity Prototype 9, which the company Infinity presents in Pebble Beach for the first time?

The idea for the Prototype 9 was developed in a brainstorming of the American marketing team, which raised the question of how to imagine an Infinity vehicle that had been hidden in a shed for decades in Japan. A race car, which would also be roadworthy. Infinity Designer Alfonso Albaisa should supply graphic input. A sketch or maybe even a computer animation. At best a so-called clay model. The design team around Albaisa began to plunge into the project and even designed a model of the design. Then the management of Nissan, to which Infinity belongs, were so convinced by the idea that the model should be implemented as a prototype. Especially because at Nissan apprentices are still trained with the traditional crafts. In the end, three of the largest departments at Nissan helped build the Prototype 9.

The aluminum skin of the racing car was handmade. It has a very nice rear and a jumping front. Crafted in a perfect traditional handwork. The chassis was also build on the example of a historic racing car. The pre-war lever-type shock absorbers were implemented with digitally controlled motors. They are reminiscent of historical shock absorbers. In the rear is an electric motor with 120 kW. In the floor of the vehicle is a lithium-ion high-voltage battery with 30kWh. The race car reaches the 100 km / h mark in about 5.5 seconds. The theoretical maximum speed is 170 km / h, which means that the modern racing car can compete with the 40s race cars. But certainly the prototype 9 will never come into the race, because it was merely a pure marketing measure on the part of Nissan and Infinity.