Ferrari reaches world record

On February 5, the whole classic car interested world looked to Paris, where the former factory race car Ferrari 335s with Scaglietti body was sold at the auction by Artcurial. He came from the collection of Pierre Bardion, who died in 2012 and was a great collector of unique Ferraris. The Ferrari reached a world record total of just over EUR 32 million and is now one of the most expensive cars in the world. A look at the history of this unique car explains why the tension during the auction was so big and the price was so high at the end.
The Ferrari 335s spider with the chassis number 0674 was built in Maranello and fitted with a Scaglietti body. Originally, a 365 HP of strong 3.8 liters V12 Tipo 140 engine worked under its hood. After its completion, the Ferrari 1957 witnessed his debut at Sebring. The racing driver Peter Collins and Maurice Trintigant drove the debut participation in the sixth place. Two months later Wolfgang von trips cut off much better with him at the Mille Miglia. He reached the second place. After this race, the engine was swapped to a new 405 HP 4.1 liter Ferrari. Thus, he reached a top speed limited 300 km/h now. Of course the now superior performance should be proven immediately. At Le Mans, the British racer Mike Hawthorne drove a lap-record, with a round – average speed of 202,78 km/h. The factory race car was used until 1958 in some races and successes which effected that the Ferrari Scuderia got the world construction price. In 1958, the Ferrari was retired and sold to the US American importer Liugi Chinetti. Also in his possession, considerable victories could be retracted, for example at the Cuba Grand Prix with Stirling Moss and Maston Gregory at the wheel. In 1960, the final stop for the Ferrari 335s Spider came. In the 70s, he went over in the possession of Pierre Bardinon, who restored it and moved it constantly on his private race track.