Michael Schumacher Exhibition

Deutsche Vermögensberatung acknowledges partnership with Formula 1 icon Michael Schumacher with impressive exhibition

Deutsche Vermögensberatung is marking its two decade-long partnership with Michael Schumacher with an impressive exhibition at the Zentrum für Vermögensberatung in Marburg. The exhibition „Michael Schumacher – Record World Champion. 20 years‘ partnership with Deutsche Vermögensberatung“, thanks to the intensive involvement of the Schumacher family, makes clear and tangible just how the most successful driver in the history of Formula 1 racing set new standards time and time again. Items from private collections that have never been seen in public before will be on display. The two-year exhibition is now open to the public and is free of charge to visitors.

The most titles, the most victories, the most pole positions. No one has been more successful in Formula 1 than Michael Schumacher. But how did he manage to break into into dimensions which are still unmatched today? Big-format racing scenes, media ports of call, as well as exclusive items from the private collection of the Schumacher family – such as the Formula 1 racing cars driven by Michael Schumacher to his victories – give insights into how the record-holding Formula 1 world champion redefined the profession of a racing driver.
Not only are the various stages and successes of this legend of sport on display at the exhibition, but it also takes a look at his special skills. Be it as a team player, developer and optimiser, as a record-holding world champion or extreme athlete – the exhibition makes it clear that a Formula 1 driver has to be a multi tasking maestro. The impressive anniversary exhibition is rounded off by interactive stations where visitors can playfully simulate motor racing and experience its complexity.

Deutsche Vermögensberatung has been accompanying Michael Schumacher for over two decades. What started with a logo on his helmet has evolved over the years into an intense relationship with the company and its employees, and has led to a personal friendship with the Pohl family who founded the firm. Michael Schumacher is a great role model for asset managers at Deutsche Vermögensberatung. His will to succeed, combined with a commitment to perform at the highest level, strength, team spirit and empathy, are values to which DVAG likewise attaches great importance.
Even following his tragic accident, the Pohl family has unreservedly continued the partnership. A commitment that now demonstrates public recognition with this exhibition. This partnership has been extended to support Mick Schumacher, who also aspires to a career in motor racing.
The conception, planning and coordination of the exhibition lies in the hands of the prestigious, Vienna-based planning agency bogner.cc under the auspices of managing director Katharina Knoll. Further information about the exhibition is available at