Romo Motor Festival – beach race in Denmark

In the early years of automobile history, Denmark played an important role in racing. The country was known for its sandbank races on the spaciously beaches as on the island of Fano. Between 1919 and 1924, the most famous racing drivers and car makers, such as Mercedes Benz, Citroen, Fiat and Opel, met on this beach for record-breaking rallies. After a tragic accident in 1929, when the Bluebird of Malcom Campbell lost a wheel that killed a 13-year-old boy, the future races were canceled and there were never more races on the beach of Fano. Cambell nevertheless set a record of 130 m/h on the 1 kilometer track.

In the same year races took place on the west coast of Jutland, which were also banned by the authorities. After almost 80 years, the tradition of these races on the beach of Romo should now be revived. Five enthusiasts had joined together to revive the ROMO Motor Festival in 2016. These were, of course, not the record attempts from previous years, but exciting eighth-mile racing with motorcycles and cars from pre-war times until 1947.

On September 10, the Romo Motor Festival took place for the second time. A real recommendation, because it is as if you enter into a time capsule. Drivers, technicians, photographers and many visitors are dressed historical. The musical setting in the evening also provided for the appropriate ambience. Anyone who came with the classic car was allowed to participate in the Vintage Parking and extended the historic atmosphere on the beach.

The show races took place in pairs in different classes. For a whole day one was in the intoxication of the gasoline perfume which was carried on with every sea breeze.