The secret of the Skoda logo

Feathered headband? A hedgehog? Some kind of inside joke? Someone found out that Google gets asked one question concerning Škoda with repeating certainty – what does the logo mean? Škoda brought the answer.

Škoda decided to make an adventurous video to finally cast some light on the creative process behind the logo throughout the ages. The company’s journey started in 1895 in a small, out-of-the-garage bicycle workshop named after its founders – Laurin & Klement – and through 122 years, after a merger with Škoda and later Volkswagen, evolved into the automotive giant as everybody knows it.

In this motion feature that aims to both entertain and educate, historical scale replicas of various cars are representing the style development of the brand and its logo. Piloted by miniature versions of the brand’s founders, they make a fearless chase through ŠKODA’s design timeline and its namesake museum, explaining the thought process of how the logo came to life. After all, it proved to be truly and undisputedly a winged arrow: “The arrow of precision upon the wings of progress.”

Making such a dynamic and CGI-loaded feature was no easy task, so Skoda got together with the makers, Fallon agency creatives, and asked them how the idea transferred from the drawing board to the finished piece. So a Making Of video that might shed some light on the inner workings of how such a video is actually produced was released.