Winter storage Part 1

Autumn has come and very soon the classic cars are hibernating. But it is not done to put the classic car in the garage. Even during the service life, damage to the vehicle may occur.

For example, deformations on the barrel surface occur when the tire is fixed for a longer period of time. The tire is too long loaded at one point and deforms. This leads to an imbalance, but in the worst case also to a material damage.

Plastic tire shells help to remedy this situation. Such tire shells are made of a soft polymer and offer the tire the opportunity to fit into the tire shell and thus not be permanently crushed by the weight of the vehicle.

The tire shells are placed after entering the garage behind or in front of the tires and the vehicle is carefully driven up. Such tire shells, such as the tire protector of the company “das Mobilwerk” shown here, are available in various sizes, which are each matched to the appropriate tire size. The tire protectors can also be used year round to protect the tires during the parking of the classic car.

To protect the vehicle from dirt and scratches, the vehicle can now be covered with a breathable protective blanket. The windows are previously closed so far that a small gap remains open.

Do not take any protective blanket from the home improvement store or from low-cost suppliers. Such blankets are usually not breathable and not soft lined on the inside. If you pull such a protective cover over the vehicle, it may happen that you scratch the paint and the vehicle after a long service life under the ceiling dampens.

Vehicle blankets, such as the protective blanket of das Mobilwerk shown here, have a flared interior that is soft and supple. It gently pulls over the paint and the convertible roof or in our case the sliding folding roof remain free of lint. Because the protective blanket is breathable, condensation can not form under the blanket and the dust remains outside. The highly elastic Softstretch feature fits snugly into any vehicle shape. The car covers are available in different sizes and are adapted specifically to each vehicle. On request, the covers are also available with shaping piping and mirror pockets.

After winter, the protective cover can be washed in the washing machine at 30° and can be stowed in the included carrying bag to save space. Such ceilings are only intended for indoor use. For outdoor use and as rain protection there are separate protective blankets.