Bothwell Collection at Bonhams

The Bothwell collection near Los Angeles was probably the world’s most important collection of various Brass Era vehicles and racing cars from before the First World War. But even some coaches, Automobilia, railway models and a real locomotive were among them. In early November, the Lindley and Ann Bothwell collection was auctioned at Bonhams at the Bothwell Estate. The couple started the collection in the 1930s and slowly built it up for over half a century. Now bidders from all over the world came to bid for the rare rarities.

50 vehicles were for sale. Most models are absolute rarities with either prominent prior ownership or a high rarity value. The absolute highlight of the auction was the one and only built Peugeot L45 Grand Prix Racer of 1914. It is referred to as the forefather of all racing cars. His construction later influenced the works of Ettore Bugatti or even Harry Miller. A US bidder offered $ 7.26 million for the Peugeot. This makes it an auction record for the French brand.

Another auction highlight was the Benz Prince Heinrich runabout of 1909, which was once owned by Barney Oldfield. The historic vehicle achieved a maximum bid of $ 1.87 million.

It was noteworthy that at this auction Bonhams all vehicles were auctioned without exception to one hundred percent and averaged three to eight times of the estimated price.