EON Commercial

EON has assembled a whole armada of electric vehicles for their latest commercial. But these electric vehicles are all by no means standard models, but each of the vehicles is unique. Be it the electrically powered AC Cobra, the electric Baja Beetle, a Montertruck, F100 Pick-UP, the fastest electrically powered series motorcycle in the world or even a 1200 hp Supercar prototype. Even an electrified Porsche 356 belonged to the extraordinary field that was the inspiration for the EON commercial.

Almost noiseless, the armada pulls through the Mojave Desert. The Porsche driver waves to the waiting gas station attendant. And at the end the slogan appears: “For this film production no gasoline flowed”.

Even the film crew renounced entirely fuel-powered camera vehicles. As a vehicle for the camera shots was a converted buggy with crane body. The aerial photographs were taken with a battery powered octocopter.

A special highlight of the advertising film is the Tachyon Speed, a prototype of a purely electrically driven hypersport car. His appearance looks like a fighter jet, but his genes are in a racing car. Driver du passenger sitting in tandem seat in a row. Thanks to the resulting narrow cabin roof, the athlete achieves better aerodynamics.

Even at its time, the by Carol Shelby constructed AC Cobra was a real super sports car and one of the fastest vehicles on the market. But the replica of a 1967 AC Cobra with an electric drive surpasses the original performance. Under the hood, where once the powerful V8 engine worked, now 96 batteries are stored with a range of 160 kilometres. A 375 kW induction motor accelerates the Cobra from 0 to 100 km / h in unimaginable 3 seconds.