Paul Newmans Rolex under the Hammer

On October 27, 2017, the auction world experienced a real surprise. At the auction house Phillips was a clock on the program, which burst in the end, completely surprising, all expectations. Paul Newman received the Rolex 37mm Daytona 6239 from his wife and actress Joanne Woodward in the late 1960s, shortly before he started racing. A mechanical Rolex with beige dial and striking three black displays of the Cosmograph. On the back is an inscription “Drive Carefully, Me” of his wife.

The auction house estimated this clock at around $ 1 million, after five years earlier a Tag Heuer from Steve McQueen’s previous ownership was sold for around $ 800,000. The Rolex Daytona watches are considered the Ferrari 250 GTOs of watches and of course, a watch from the previous possession of Paul Newman is once again correspondingly more valuable. Especially since the watch is in its absolutely original condition, up to the bracelet that Paul Newman wore until 1984.

After a bidding war, the Rolex of Paul Newman reached a final bid of $ 17,752,500. A world record for a watch auctioned at an auction.

Incidentally, part of the proceeds from the clock went to the Nell Newman Foundation for a charitable purpose.