Dubai Motor Show 2017

Dubai is the city of superlatives. The classic car season and the strolling with the hypersportscars has just begun, because the temperatures have just become quite pleasant. Just in time with the beginning of the season, the International Dubai Motor Show took place at the end of November. Even this automotive show is certainly extreme, because the Emirati love it fast and loud. This already begins with the official traffic guards, as the Dubai police has two new exceptional vehicles, presented at the show. A Rolls-Royce Wraith Coupes and a Copter Hover vehicle, with which the police can hover about 15m above the ground and all obstacles. But the Dubai police is famous for their extraordinary emergency vehicles, because their fleet also includes a McLaren 570S, a Bentley GT Continental, BMW i8s or even a Mercedes Benz SLS.

Around 150 leading car manufacturers from all over the world exhibited their vehicles at the Dubai Motor Show. Including almost 100 new models, prototypes or concept cars.
Unlike in our latitudes, the subject of understatement is written in a small letters. Here you show what you have and this is reflected in the offered vehicle range. That is precisely why the Dubai Motorshow is also the perfect platform to present the newest Hypercar studies. And performance seems to know no limits here. A good example is the Devel Sixteen, because with its over 5000 hp it was the absolute attraction on the show. As a comparison, the Bugatti Chironhas just 1500 hp and in comparison appears rather underpowered . However, the 5007 hp version will never come on the road, because this version is purely reserved for the race track. Only the “slack” 3000 hp version will get the roadworthiness. The price is expected to be $ 1.6 million. For this price the driver will experience an acceleration from 1.5 seconds to 100 km / h with the boosted V8 engine.

Another highlight of the show was the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, the fastest Corvette ever built. The vehicle with its turbocharged 6.2 liter LT5 engine brings 755 hp on the road. Thus the Corvette can reach a maximum speed of approx. 340 km / h. The US sports car is planned to be released in spring 2018.

Even McLaren did not miss the opportunity to present something special in Dubai and so they introduced the McLaren 720S. A limited special edition. The outer skin and several attachments are made entirely of carbon. The rims shine in gold, the heat shield is made in 24 carat gold and the inscriptions are also in gold. At the spoiler McLaren created an attractive skyline of Dubai in Arabic script, quoting Bruce McLaren: Life is not measured in time alone, but in what you have achieved.

Of course, the resident automobile companies were also represented. The desert village on the Persian Gulf is developing its own automotive scene. Already in recent years, W-Motors caused a sensation with its Lykan HyperSport. Now they presented their newest horse in the stable, the Fenyr SuperSport. According to their own statements, this Hypercar does not have the same effect, such as the diamonds in the headlights, but concentrating much more on fully-developed racing technology. The new Shaali N360 Roadster was originally designed purely for the race track. Now the Shaali will also be available as a roadworthy version from next year on.

Surely the Dubai Motor Show is as extravagant as the city, but certainly worth the trip next November when the gates to the Dubai Motor Show reopen and the latest extreme hypercars make their debut.