The Essen Motor Show celebrates its 50th anniversary

The Essen Motor Show creates big joy for car enthusiasts and tuners until December 10th. What began in 1968 as „Internationale Sport- und Rennwagenausstellung Essen” is today the unrivaled PS festival among the automobile shows. More than 500 exhibitors present their new products and premieres at Messe Essen. Among them Ford, Lada, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Shelby, Skoda and VW Motorsport. The Japanese brands Lexus and Nissan are represented by trading partners. Then there are the Mercedes FanWorld and tire manufacturers Continental, Hankook and Toyo Tires.

Sporty production vehicles, tuning, motorsports and classic cars are the pillars of the automotive wonderland, which is expected to attract over 300,000 fans.

50 years Mercedes-AMG meet e-mobility from BMW and Tesla
In hall 3, visitors can look forward to a special show commemorating 50 years of Mercedes-AMG with spectacular exhibits such as the Mercedes 300 SEL 6.8 AMG from 1971 and the current Mercedes-AMG GT3. Right next the visitors can expectthe future of mobility: Carsharer Ruhr auto presents sustainably powered vehicles, including the three current models of Tesla plus the 2018er electric cars from BMW i, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Opel, Renault, Smart and Toyota.

Visitors can see many of the products offered at the show, such as chassis, body panels and wheels in the tuningXperience live when installed: The special show in Halls 1A and 9 comprises approximately 160 of the best tuning cars in Europe.

“You are what you drive”: Visitors celebrate the automotive lifestyle
The Essen Motor Show and its exhibitors celebrate the lifestyle of a new generation of car fans who follow their favorite brands in everyday life. Tuning companies such as JP Performance, Sidney Industries, Simon Motorsport and Vossen Wheels are representative of this new development at the fair. Their creators are the rock stars of the automotive world. There are also fashion labels such as how deep, low Madness and Sourkrauts that bring the automotive lifestyle in the clubs and closets.

Racing sport is the heart of the Essen Motor Show and remains one of its most important pillars. This is demonstrated by exhibitors such as the Hockenheimring and Nürburgring as well as manufacturers, dealers, racing series and teams.

Classic & Prestige Salon crowns the classic car season with super sports cars
The classic car scene celebrates the season finale at the Essen Motor Show. At the heart of the Classic & Prestige salon in Hall 1 its organizer SIHA is presenting a special show with super sports cars. The famous cars show how their manufacturers have always overcome the limits of what is technically feasible. Borders are relative. Fortunately, the Essen Motor Show prefers bridges anyway.