Vulcano Titanium

It looks like a secret weapon from a fictitious spy movie, the Vulcano Titanium, a hyper sports car with an acceleration from zero to one-hundred km/h in 2.8 seconds. Its outlandish design is based on the 60s Lockhead SR-71, the fastest jet fighter in the world, until today. This gives the super sportscar its fiction-like appearance.

But the streetworthy car has it all. Handmade and constructed of a very special material: titanium, a metal that is lighter than aluminum. It is the first vehicle in the world made completely from this precious metal. The rest of the parts are made of carbon fibre. The Vulcano Titanium is built on a chassis of the Corvette ZR1. The turbocharged V8 engine from the American cult athlete is also used in the luxury sports car.

The Vulcano Titanium is handmade, which reflects in the price. It will be sold around $ 2.8. But each vehicle combines about 10,000 man hours.