Fashion from bicycle tires – Cingomma

The idea of recycling is finding more and more applications in fashion. The company Cimgomma from Italy, for example, Cingomma uses old bicycle tires for fashion accessories such as bags, key fobs or, above all, belts. The bicycle tires are thoroughly cleaned in a mature recycling process and further processed by hand. Each belt becomes unique. Cingomma attaches great importance to the design of the resulting products.

The belts with their different profiles are also processed in color. The result is unisex belts, where everyone can find their own personal design. So the belt can be worn both to suit and casual jeans. A belt from Cingomma is priced at about 79 euros.

The Cingomma bags or rucksacks are made from air tubes. As a result, the contents of the bags or rucksacks are also well protected against moisture and at the same time the objects have a very individual design.