“Stronger Than Time”: 1979 G-Class cast in amber

With the world’s biggest installation of synthetic resin Mercedes Benz is putting the world premiere of the new G-Class on 14 January 2018 in the spotlight at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. A gigantic amber-coloured cube made of 44.4 tonnes of synthetic resin is adorning the entrance to Cobo Hall, the NAIAS exhibition hall.

Encased in it is a G-Class from the first production year, 1979. The installation symbolises the timelessness of the off-road legend and makes a conscious reference to the natural phenomenon of insects preserved in amber. Like their genetic material the DNA of the first G-Class has also been preserved and is handed down from generation to generation. These genes are also in the new G-Class and they are carrying through the characteristic properties of the longest-lived model series from Mercedes-Benz into modern times: an iconic design, indestructible superiority off the beaten track and exceptional ride comfort on the road. “The amber cube puts the uniqueness of the G-Class in a nutshell”, says Dr Gunnar Güthenke, Head of the Off-Road Vehicle product unit at Mercedes-Benz.

44.4 tonnes of synthetic resin cast in 90 days
The 280 GE from 1979 is enclosed in the square block in a dynamic position. It gives the impression that it has been engulfed by synthetic resin mid-stream when driving off-road, in its natural habitat, and captured – as insects were by amber millions of years ago. The square block is 5.50 metres long, 2.55 metres wide and 3.10 metres high. It took 90 days to make from 44.4 tonnes of synthetic resin. Every day the block grew by around three centimetres in height. Following the car show in Detroit the cuboid will also be on display in other markets with the new G Class market launch.

Strong DNA – strong narratives
The DNA of the G-Class also includes the many stories full of superlatives and milestones which people have experienced with the off-road legend. These stories are being told in the web special “Stronger Than Time” which began back in November 2017 and is embedded in the https://www.mercedes-benz.com/strongerthantime portal. The “DNA of the G‑Class” feature provides interesting facts from 40 years of the G‑Class and invites users to share their own G‑Class stories using the hashtag #strongerthantime on the social web. Selected stories are then released in the web special. All the further measures in the 360‑degree campaign are starting after the world premiere of the new G‑Class on 14 January 2018 at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.

The idea and conception of the campaign is from the Mercedes-Benz creative agency antoni. The production of the resin Cube was carried out by Markenfilm Crossing.