Ferrari 812 Superfast

After Ferrari celebrated its 70th anniversary last year, the car brand is launching the new “Ferrari 812 Superfast” with the “Pranking Horse” 2018. In keeping with the history of the very first Ferarri with a V12 engine, the 125 S built in 1947, the 812 also has a powerful V12 engine. With this 6.5 liter engine, the Ferrari 812 is the most powerful V12 engine ever built. Of course, except for the LaFerrari. The “8” is directly related to the 800hp. Around 80 percent of its power is already available at 3,500 rpm. A turbocharger with 350 bar pressure contributes significantly to such power delivery. The 100 km / h reaches the V12 Bolide in 2.9 seconds. Its top speed is around 340 km / h.

The body is made of aluminum and built on the “Spaceframe” of the F12. Under the long front sits the 12-cylinder engine. Dozens of aerodynamic elements are integrated into the body to make them slippery.

Even larger drivers can comfortably find space in the interior. The seating position is very comfortable and the view to the front and to the side is good. Only the view to the rear is more or less like a vehicle with a mid-engine. The chassis is sporty tuned. Nevertheless, the shock absorbers reduce any hard bump holes or bumps in perfect harmony.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast gives the driver all the sensation of an F1 racing car, but is also quite suitable for everyday use.