Ford Antique Car Show

Henry Ford and Thomas Alva Edison were close friends and settled in Fort Myers, Florida as neighbors for a winter home. Here they lived during the winter months. Edison also worked here in his own laboratory. An impressive piece of history that can still be visited today. Everything turned historic heritage during the annual Ford Antique Car Show. The grounds of the Edison & Ford Winter Estates are part of the historic heritage and everything has been restored to its original state in the 1920s. Once a year, the large garden along the banks of the Caloosahatchee River is the scene of the Ford Antique Car Show, to which every owner of a vehicle from the big Ford brand empire is invited. For a contribution of $ 20, the owners may exhibit their precious treasures in the park. The participation amount will be donated to a charity.

On display are almost all model series of Ford Model T and Model B exhibits ever built by Ford. Ford Thunderbirds, Mustangs in a whole series, Ford Galaxy, Fairlane, but also models that are rare to see or even completely unknown in our latitudes. Such as the Ford Torino Cobra, a muscle car that lives up to its name. He was the answer to Plymouth’s Roadrunner and caused a sensation with his 429 cubic inches and 360 hp.

An eye-catcher was also the Ford Model T Runabout with a 1929 camping body. There is even a small kitchen on the side of the vehicle. Particularly striking were the lined-up Ford Skyline vehicles with their typical 50s liveries. The different models presented the variety of models, from the folding roof over a model with soft convertible roof to the skyline with Plexiglas sunroof over driver and front passenger. Also on display was a Ford Futura, a Ford Galaxy Competition Car and a Ford Edsel Corsair.

Of course, the hot rods were not missing, after all, Ford models are traditionally a good basis for personalized conversions.

The meeting was accompanied by music of the 50s and for culinary enjoyment was provided with burgers and Ice-Cream well.