Ripsaw EV

Those who watched one of the latest episodes of “Grand Tourismo” on Amazon saw Richard Hammond in Dubai, driving through the city in a tank. Fiction? No, not at all, because the US American company Howe and Howe Tech has developed the tank vehicle Ripsaw EV for private civilian use.

The Ripsaw EV Series (Extreme Vehicles) super tank platforms are one of the world’s most sought-after high-performance, luxury vehicles. Originally designed and built for the military as a lightweight and fast super tank, the Ripsaw proves to be the fastest dual-track vehicle ever developed. For example, magazines such as Popular Science titled Ripsaw EV. He also won awards for the invention of the year. Since 2013, Howe and Howe Tech have spent thousands of hours developing the rugged and refined Ripsaw chassis for the upmarket luxury market and extreme off-road enthusiast. From 16 inches of suspension travel to luxurious interiors and up to 1,500 horsepower, the Ripsaw platform is a leader in its league when it comes to terrain ability, speed, adrenalin and luxury.

In the terrain, the little powerhouse is no way too heavy. With a travel of just over 30cm the driver does not even feel any bumps. At over 110 km / h, the Ripsa can mill through the terrain. But speed is secondary to the fun-mobile, it’s about being able to drive everywhere. Through gullwing doors the driver and front passenger (depending on the equipment) climb into the comfortable interior.

The twin brothers Geoffrey and Michael Howe earn their money especially with military assignments. But also special orders from Hollywood. They always build special designs for film vehicles. The Ripsaw EV is available depending on the equipment according to the manufacturer from $ 100,000. Certainly a luxury vehicle for those who already have everything in their garage.