Spanish Hyper Sportscar – Boreos

The young Spanish start-up company DSD Design & Motorsports surprised the sports car scene with their first model Boreos. The name derives from greek mythology. “Boreos” is the greek god of the north winds, who dominates mankind through his enormous powers and strong temperament. David Sancho Domingo, the creator behind the new supercar, deliberately chose the name, because his bolide should have divine power, lightning speed and unbridled temperament.

But Domingo calms up about the real data of the Boreos. The wedge-shaped Hyper sports car is to be built with only twelve copies. It has about 1000, which it transmits to all four wheels, reaching a top speed of around 380 km / h. His acceleration will be, according to the manufacturer, from 0 to 100 km / h in under 3 seconds. The Boreos to a hybrid supercar. Electrically it has a range of about 100 kilometers, but is driven in this case only by the front wheels.

The production of the Boreos should start earlier this year.