Obituary: Siegfried “Siggi” Rauch

The 1971 movie “Le Mans” is one of the classics in film history today. Steve McQueen and German actor Siegfried “Siggi” Rauch played the lead roles in this legendary racing movie. On March 12, it was announced that the actor Siegfried Rauch, who is also known for his role as captain of the “Traumschiff”, died after a stair fall. In his hometown Untersöchering, south of Munich, Siggi Rauch was very popular and always welcome in classic car circles to tell about his shooting and friendship with Steve McQueen.

In 2016, even a book with previously unpublished photos from the time of filming at Le Mans and the subsequent close friendship with McQueen was published. Siegfried Rauch played the German racing driver “Erich Strahler” in “Le Mans”. He was the adversary of Porsche racer Steve McQueen and drove the Ferrari.

The film “le Mans” was not a real blockbuster at its appearance. Critics could hardly cope with McQueen’s masterpiece. The input sequence lasted for almost half an hour and was without dialogue. Shown were racing scenes, but in a brilliance and closeness, as they were never seen before in a movie. Only over the years, the masterpeice became an absolute cult film for racing enthusiasts.