3rd International CFC Preservation Concours

On April 8, 2018, as part of the Warm-Up for MOTORWORLD München, original unrestored cars will be competing on the 3rd International CFC Preservation Concours. The competition is open to a maximum of 30 vehicles. The Preservation Concours underscores a trend that is becoming steadily more widespread in the classic car scene. Whereas completely restored cars used to be particularly sought after, these days it is originality and patina which attract buyers. One thing is already clear: Every one of the participating vehicles has its own “life” story to tell with the traces of its past. Visitors to what will be the 5th Warm-Up for Motorworld München can already look forward to seeing true automotive gems.

“Unrestored vehicles or vehicles that have been repaired while preserving the original substance, as laid down in the Charter of Turin, play an increasingly important role in the classic car scene,” says president of the jury and initiator Kay MacKenneth. With the Preservation Concours, whether the participating vehicle is a luxury car, a racing car, a commercial vehicle, a very small car or a “bread and butter” vehicle is irrelevant. “Even the Beetle from Grandpa’s garage gets the chance to take part in the qualifying competition.” Only automobiles and motorcycles built before 1977 are eligible.

Heavily altered classic car scene
In the last ten years, the classic car scene has changed a lot. Unrestored vehicles, which bear the traces of their time, achieve ever higher prices. You can find these rare specimens with a prooven history more and more at the current fairs and auctions. A few years ago, the public had paid little attention to such vehicles: in order to obtain a guaranteed increase in value, classic cars had to be put into a condition that was better than they were ever delivered from the factory. Of course, there is nothing wrong with restoring a classic car to a certain degree of wear and tear, especially if this is the only way to save the vehicle and keep it rolling. However, as in the art and antiques scene, the trend is currently tending in the direction of preserving originality. For that was the slogan of the world’s first International Preservation Concours: “Original only exists once”. This year’s Concours will take place for the third time as part of the Warm Up 5 of Motorworld in Munich. Around 30 unrestored and original preserved vehicles face the evaluation of an expert jury.

When does a classic car count as original?
There are still prevails in the classic car scene. The uncertainty of when a vehicle is considered original, or when it can be defined as unrestored. There is no general regulation for this. Of course, even a vintage car, which is in an original unrestored condition, may be partially repaired. Especially if this repair results from contemporary use. A rear-end collision was certainly repaired in former times. “Preservation” is synonymous for the aim to keep the vehicle in a condition that is ready to drive and as original as possible. This may be the vehicle from previous family ownership, but also a vehicle that has survived the years and is now at a dealer in the showroom. Although patina is the buzzword in the scene at the moment, here too it is important to distinguish. Not every vehicle that is put on a fair with dust and rust falls under the category “Preservation”. After all, intentionally resulting patina, which actually stems from the fact that the vehicle has not received any care and “preservation”, contradicts the idea of ​​preserving. Only when the painstaking task of restoring vehicle preservation is achieved by cleaning the vehicle and repairing it both technically and substance sustainably does the vehicle acquire the status of “preservation”. Here, the hype that unrestored vehicles experience sometimes blinds them to the actual matter.

Assessment Criteria of the CfC Preservation Concours 2018

  1. The vehicle must be older than 30 years
  2. The vehicle must be able to travel at least 30 kilometers in one hour on its own axis.
  3. At least 50% of the substance of the vehicle must still be in the original state of delivery. This applies to paint, attachments, glass, interior, chassis and engine compartment.
  4. At least 50% of the original paint must be present and give information about the original color.

These criteria also exclude vehicles that have stood in a barn for over 40 years and are now registered as a barn find and originally received for such a competition. Such a vehicle does not meet the criterion of “preservation” in the first instance, because its patina comes from years of “non-preserving”. Only when the vehicle has been prepared ready for operation, it can meet the Concours criteria. The repair of such vehicles and the preservation of the history by the preservation of important tracks is very complicated and requires a great deal of expertise.

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3rd International CfC Preservation Concours at Motorworld Munich

Vehicles in competition
Only cars and motorcycles that were built before 1977 and are still in their original state are eligible – regardless of whether they are luxury cars, race cars or utility and microbikes as well as “bread and butter” vehicles.

Jury of the Apprentice Award
Students, apprentices and students in car-related professions and between the ages of 16 and 25 can become members of the jury and determine the winner of the Apprentice Award.

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