Nuvolari Legend

Tazio Nuvolari, the Italian racing driver from Mantua, who dominated motorsport between the 1920s and the late 1940s, is undoubtedly a sports legend. It is said that this champion, enthusiastic about technical perfection, always wore a watch from Eberhard & Co. in his daily life during his lifetime. In his honor, the Swiss watch brand Eberhard & Co. presents a new, very special watch in 2018, 65 years after his death: the “Nuvolari Legend”.

“Nuvolari Legend” is the latest model of the “Tazio Nuvolari” collection by Eberhard & Co. It is a mechanical chronograph with automatic winding and stainless steel case. It comes in two sizes: either with a case diameter of 39.5 millimeters or 43 millimeters (“Grande Waist” version). The watch is waterproof up to 30 meters. It has a black dial with luminescent Arabic numerals, a minute counter at twelve o’clock, an hour counter at six o’clock and a spiral tachymetric scale at hourly kilometers (km / h) in the center.

The work can be viewed through the eight-fold screwed caseback with transparent sapphire glass window. He is finished with a checkerboard pattern reminiscent of the checkered flag. The flywheel is decorated with Geneva stripes and a small, stylized historic Alfa Romeo Type C 18 ct gold. This is reminiscent of the car with which Tazio Nuvolari drove many of his victories. The “vintage” charm of the new watch model is additionally underlined by the matching antique leather strap. The watch is alternatively available with a stainless steel bracelet.

About Eberhard & Co. and the connection to Tazio Nuvolari

The renowned Swiss watch brand Eberhard & Co. has stood for technically sophisticated mechanical watches for 130 years, including the unmistakable “Chrono 4” chronograph with four stop times in a row on the dial, the unforgettable “Tazio Nuvolari” models. Collection, the elegant watches of the “8 Jours” collection with a power reserve of eight days, the scuba watch “Scafograf 300”, which was awarded in 2016 at the “Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève” as the best sports watch, and the model “Scafograf GMT “Which can display three time zones at the same time.

Almost thirty years ago, when Eberhard & Co. decided to create a watch collection bearing Tazio Nuvolari’s name, the memory of him in the world of motor racing was already threatening to fade a little. The Swiss watch manufacturer and the success of its “Tazio Nuvolari” collection have helped to keep Tazio Nuvolari Motorsport fans in their memory. In recent decades, the impetuous, at times over-exuberant personality of this man has been increasingly addressed, which has made his passion for sport to the livelihood and has put him above everything, often about himself and his neighbors. His story has inspired a large number of initiatives. Books have been written, songs have been dedicated to him, and every year the big annual vintage car rally in Northern Italy bearing his name brings hundreds of fans from all over the world to his homeland. All of this has ensured that his fame has not been forgotten and is still considered by many to be one of the greatest racing drivers of all time.

Eberhard & Co. has been the main sponsor of the vintage car rally “Gran Premio Nuvolari” for over twenty years. In this function and through the many watch models for which Tazio Nuvolari inspired her, the Swiss watch brand keeps alive the memory of him.

Technische Details

31138 („Grande Taille“-Version)

Eberhard & Co., Basis: ETA Valjoux 7750
Mechanischer Chronograph mit Automatikaufzug,
2 Zähler: 30-Minuten- und 12-Stunden-Zähler
Genfer Streifenschliff
25 Rubine – 16 gebläute Schrauben
dekoriert mit historischem, stilisiertem
Alfa Romeo Type C in 18-karätigem Gold,
Genfer Streifenschliff und goldene Gravuren.

in Edelstahl

Ref. 31137: 39,50 mm
“Grande Taille”-Version / Ref. 31138: 43,00 mm

13,5 mm

mit transparentem Saphirglassichtfenster,
achtfach verschraubt, dekoriert mit „Schachbrett“-Muster-Design, das an Start- und Zielflagge bei Autorennen erinnern soll.

in Edelstahl, kreisförmig satiniert

in Edelstahl, rechteckig, wasserdicht

in Edelstahl, verschraubt, wasserdicht, gekennzeichnet mit “E”

Saphirglas, mit Anti-Reflex-Beschichtung innen

Wasserdicht bis:
30 m

schwarzes Zifferblatt mit lumineszierenden arabischen Ziffern. Minuten-Zähler auf 12 Uhr, Stunden-Zähler auf 6 Uhr, spiralförmige Tachymeterskala in km/h im Zentrum.

“bâton”-förmig, schwarz, lumineszierend

Lederarmband in Antik-Look


Edelstahlarmband “Charme”, Schließe gekennzeichnet mit stilisierter Schildkröte (dem Maskottchen von Tazio Nuvolari) in 18-Karat-Gold bei der Version mit einem Gehäusedurchmesser von 39,5 mm und in Stahl bei der Version „Grand Taille“ mit einem Gehäusedurchmesser von 43 mm.

Preis (Stand März 2018):
Nuvolari Legend (Gehäusedurchmesser: 39,5 mm) mit Lederarmband: 3.990, – Euro
Nuvolari Legend Grande Taille (Gehäusedurchmesser: 43 mm) mit Lederarmband: 4.250, – Euro