Hackrod 3D Car

Of course, with the extremely fast development of 3D printing technology, the first vehicle from the printer was not long to be waited for. With the help of virtual reality and 3D printing technology Hackrod has developed a shapely roadster named “La Bandita”. The vehicle is being developed in cooperation with Siemens. The advantage of the development of the vehicle is the virtualization with virtual reality. Before a single screw is produced for the vehicle, every technical detail can be viewed and developed virtually.

The Hackrod is built on an organically appearing grid structure. This frame was printed from aerospace aluminum. Without welds or fittings, the frame is completely stable. The technology is so revolutionary that eventually this method could replace the carbon chassis in the future.

Hackrod is a start-up company that was founded by a movie director and an aeronautical designer. Together with some outstanding automotive technicians they want to realize the vehicle from the 3D printer. The necessary technology is now available.