Heroes of automotive history – Oscar H. Banker

Do you know Asatour Sarafin, also known as Oscar H.Banker? Under second name, the technician from Chicago entered into in the automotive history, because his passion lay in developing and patenting innovative systems and modules for the automotive, helicopter and aircraft construction. Oscar H. Banker was born in 1895 in Armenia. A hard time for the parents, because at that time the Hamidiischen ravaged massacres in Armenia. As a teenager, Asatour Sarafin left Armenia and traveled in the United States. He took the name Oscar H. banker on his arrival on Ellis Iceland and settled in Chicago, where he works as a mechanic in a garage. Also his first invention, a field device for band saw blades from this time.
He patented the invention and devoted himself thenceforth entirely the invention new patents. The most famous of his patents resulted in a completely new development in the history of the automobile. In December 1932, he filed the patent for the first automatic transmission. Although previously General Motors had worked on such a project, but these transmissions were extremely unreliable and easily broken. The quality by bankers automatic transmission spoke for themselves. Nevertheless, more than seven years, before they decided for bankers patent automatic and henceforth in all vehicles built a settled the great GM Group. Also the servo assisted steering is accounted for by banks. He filed a U.S. patent number 2.977.813 on April 13, 1955. On April 4, 1961 – 55 years ago – it was released.
The resourceful but also in other areas could be bankers provide some important patents, such as the example for the rotors control the first Sikorsky helicopter, gear driven airplane propeller and also small patents such as for example a pressure relief valve or a main switch for light and battery.