100 years BMW “Masterpieces”

It took quite a while before BMW built and sold cars for the first time. It all began with aircraft engines and in 1923 the first motorcycles. The successful Bavarian company BMW celebrated its 100 anniversary in Munich on March 7, 2016. A special exhibition in the BMW Museum is dedicated to the anniversary: “100 masterpieces”.
100 master pieces that show the history and innovations of different eras have been selected. The show begins with two columns from the first workshop in upper meadow field before Munich, representing symbolic the first masterpiece, the founding of Bavarian motors in 1916.
The exhibition extends over all five platforms in the bowl of the Museum. After the early years, vivid posters and illustrations of the respective eras accompany the journey through the development of the company. A special section is dedicated to the employees, through their effort the company’s success was possible.
However, aircraft, motorcycles, and automobiles from BMW’s production time are the centerpiece of the exhibition. The BMW is unforgotten aircraft radial engine, classics such as a BMW R32 or legendary cars such as the BMW M1 or BMW 507.
The exhibition is opened until 30.09.2017 .

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