Museum – Countdown for BMW Art cars

40 years ago BMW started the experiment, to get a car painted by a well-known artist. A BMW 3.0 CSL, which the American artist Alexander Calder missed an independent design, was the result. An exclusive exhibition can be seen at the MAC Museum Art & cars in Singen/Germany until May 1 ( The car attracted attention at the “24 hours of Le Mans” in 1975. Since then the Bavarian car manufacturer keeps providing vehicles for the art interpretations. In the meantime this unique exclusive collection includes 17 copies.
The “German Bilbao” – the MAC Museum Art & cars is loceted under the fortress ruins of the Hohentwiel in Singen at Lake Constance. Just a short drive from the border to the Switzerland, the meuseum has become the art museum with the passion for mobility. The third exhibition named “Art in motion” is dedicated to the famous art cars from BMW. The exhibition is now three exhibits richer, the BMW M3 Group A, with the painting by Ken Done, the BMW M3 GTR designed by Sandro Chia and the single laminated vehicles from these series, the BMW 635 CSi with the design by Robert Rauschenberger.
Ken Done was born in 1940 in Sydney/Australia. In his works he reflects the strength and beauty of Australia’s culture and landscape. So also on number 8 of the BMW art cars, the 1989 BMW M3 Group A race car. Done designed the car in bright colorful flowing colors, in reminiscent to the parrots coast and colorful parrot fish living at the Australian coast. The flowing lines symbolize the speed and movement of animals.
The number 13 of the BMW art cars, painted by Sandro Chia, a 1992 BMW 3 racing prototype. Chia is a significant representative of the Italian “Transavangaurdia”, an art direction which is inspired by the classical imagery. The painting on the vehicle shows many individual faces. Chia explained that such a vehicle will be scattered always by many onlookers. Any of this viewer is reflected in the paint of this vehicle and will find himself in the painting.
The BMW 635 CSi designed by Robert Rauschenberger is the only vehicle that is not a race car, but a series production vehicle. It was the sixth art car and also the only until then that received no painting, but got designed with photographic processed films. On the left side of the vehicle, a historical picture of the artist Bronzino is pictured, framed by the Everglade grasses. The right side is decorated with a painting by Ingres, which is also framed by the grasses. The Hubcaps are decorated with motifs of antique plates.

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