CfC Preservation Concours

The CfC Preservation Concours took place for the third time in Munich during the Motorworld Warm Up 5 event. In the historical setting of the Zenith hall, 36 unrestored and original preserved vehicles presented themselves to the interested public and the ten-member jury. Including real rarities from the pre-war period, small vehicles and motorcycles.

Each of the owners of the participating vehicles could already consider himself the winner because his vehicle was selected for this competition of well-maintained and preserved vehicles. Through the cooperation with the Initiative Kulturgut Mobilität, the Preservation Concours was also a contribution to the European Heritage Year “Sharing Heritage”.

Class winner in the motorcycle category became the owner of the 1954 Peugeot 176. In the “Prestige Cars” class, the 1953 Bentley R-Type was awarded the prize. In a particularly good condition presented the Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT1.6 of 1978 and received for the Motor World Choice Award. The prize of the Initiative Kulturgut Mobilität went to the Porsche 356 Roadster, which bribed with its special history.
This year there was a special class for fire engine vehicles. The Unimog 404S of 1966 received the class win in this category. The prize of the main sponsor Classic Data was awarded to the Mercedes Benz 1313 with turntable ladder from 1972.

The “Gentlemen Toys Award” was given to the owner of the Laverda motorcycle. In the field participants were also vehicles with a very impressive history and patina. Including a Porsche 356, which could take home the Allianz Choice Award. The AvD Choice Award went to the Panhard Dyna X Forgounette, a former van from a French fishmonger. In the class “Utility Cars” the Range Rover could win the class win in the MCM Design.

For the first time, six prewar vehicles have participated in this competition. Impressive witnesses of a time when the automobile was still in its infancy. Including a Falcon Knight from 1929 with a slider motor, which received the prize “Discovering Mobility”. The Classic Car TV Choice Award went to the Buick Model 60 Series 8/67 Foordoor Sedan from 1931. The Skoda Type 430 was considered by the jury to the end as a top contender for the class victory. Unfortunately, he dropped out of the rating because the engine did not run. A point in the regulations that is decisive for the rating. Thus, the Graham Paige Special “Sharknose”, which was point-to-point with the Skoda Type 430, could take the class victory for the pre-war vehicles.