Dentrobium – An asian Flower

A sports car of the future? A science fiction theme from a Hollywood Movie? No, this Hyper car is already the harbinger of the Geneva Motor Show, 2017. The 86th Geneva automobile Salon has just closed and presented the latest automobile innovations and designs and the competition for the latest developments starts. This Hyper Sportscar called Dendrobium – named after an orchid genus from the tropical and subtropical regions of Eastern of Asia – is constructed in Singapore. It is the very first hyper sports car developed and built in the Asian region.

The Dendrobium involves consciously all elements of orchids flower in the shape of the vehicle. Lines and curves are creating a play of light and shadow. The construction materials of carbon fibre, aluminum and glass strengthen the emerging aesthetics of lines and curves that give a snappy and awesome impression the Dendrobium. Although designers still remain silent about the performance details, one can make out a cool on and powerful performance of the unit designed for electric propulsion, because most of the technology is being developed at Williams advanced engineering, the famous F1 race factory.
Vanda electrics, the group behind the Dendrobium company Centre of Wong Fong engineering works is a company of WFRIC World research and innovation. The financing of the Dendrobium is available through a private fund and so we will be very much looking forward to the first appearance of 2017.