ISO Happening in Italy

At regular intervals, friends of ISO Automobiles meet in Italy. In addition to a wide range of vehicles, there was also something special this year, as Piero Rivolta, the son of Renzo Rivoltas, had come specially from the USA to the meeting in Bresso, the home of Iso Rivolta.

The automobile company Iso Rivolta was founded in 1939 in the north of Milan lying Bresso. ISO has become a manufacturer of refrigerators, water heaters, motorcycles and especially sports and microcar. Renzo Rivolta, the founder of ISO, is considered the exotic and genius of automotive construction. The oil crisis and the great growing competition put the company in the early 70s very much. In 1974, the production of the famous Italian luxury sports car was stopped and the ISO factory was sold. However, Renzo Rivolta’s son, Piero Rivolta, continues the automotive tradition in Florida with the Rivolta Group and maintains close relationships with Zagato’s design department. In the middle of May 2018, once again, the ISO meeting in the most intimate environment took place on the site of the former factory halls, where collectors from all over Europe brought their vehicles. Including very rare specimens.
From 1953, the small ISO Isetta was produced at ISO Rivolta. BWM acquired the blueprints of this small car and built around 162,000 copies. ISO, however, stopped production in 1955 because they wanted to focus on the construction of sports cars. Three copies of this ISO Isettas were to be seen at this year’s meeting. There are also a few ISO scooters and a very rare ISO Autocarro 400, a miniature van that is powered by a two-cylinder boxer engine.

The meeting became a living museum and of course the big sports cars with the US American V8 engines were not missing. From ISO Grifo to individual pieces such as the yellow ISO Grifo 90, Piero Rivolta wanted to test public interest in reviving the ISO brand in 1991. Also from Piero Rivolta is the Iso Isigo, a small mini-Funcar, which was drawn at Zagato.
The Iso A3 Competizione Coupé was designed for racing and was developed together with Giotto Bizzarini. A road sports car with racing car homologation should drive the marketing of Iso vehicles. About thirty Iso A3 / C vehicles were built. Also from these rare specimens a vehicle was to be seen at this meeting.

In addition, there were models such as the Iso Grifo Can Am Serie II with the large air scoop on the hood to see. The Iso Rivolta GT Coupe with the inverted horseshoe on the front and under the sports car the smallest model, but also the very last built Iso Rivolta – an aubergine-colored coupe.

The Iso Rivolta S4, later also referred to as Fidia, is a four-door sports sedan and was built between 1967 and 1974 only in very small numbers. Although everything on the vehicle was perfectly matched to a luxury-class sports car, the Maserati Quattroporte was too competitive and had put the Fidia in the shade.

Parallel to the Fidia was still the sports coupe Iso Lele produced from 1969 to 1974. Although the front end of this model drawn by Gandini was cited in many models of the former competitor, as in the Lamborghini Jarama, the second series of the Masarati Quattroporte or the Monteverdi High Speed 375, but the sales of the Lele was so strong that Iso Rivolta In 1974, bankruptcy was required.

A highlight of the meeting was the announced visit of Piero Rivolta, who had come specially from Sarasota, USA. The owners of the Iso vehicles could have interesting conversations with him and got some autographs. Piero Rivolta has not only a professional connection with Zagato, but also a family, because his daughter is married to Andrea Zagato.

Of course, a trip to Zagato could not be missed and the owners made a trip with their Iso jewelery to the Zagato headquarters in Rho near Milan. There, the latest Iso Concept car was presented, the Iso Vision GT (see also Motorworld Bulletin edition), which was originally designed for a Nintendo Game. Five copies are to be realized and two vehicles are already sold. Price for this hypersportscar : 1,750,000 euros.