The future of Downtown Traffic?

Does this look like the new city vehicle? If the Swedish designers of Nobe Cars are concerned, this sympathetic electric vehicle would be the future for the city center. They want to build a vehicle that, like the Volkswagen Bug, immediately attracts attention. At the same time it should be easy to park and be joyful in driving. The result was the design of a three-wheeled four-seater, which brings some classic looks with it. For example, the rear, which is reminiscent of a Fuldamobil or the front, which reflects the classic forms of a radiator front such as a Ferrari or Facel Vegas.

The Nobe 100 Coupé is a three-wheeled, redesigned, lightweight electric vehicle. For the first time ever, a cars features and technology are designed to be upgraded bit by bit to last a lifetime. The customer can upgrade or recycle any time. With its classic, elegant retro design and compact size, the Nobe offers space for three people and plenty of storage space. Designed for city life, the Nobe is easy to park and reaches a top speed of around 110 km / h.

The Nobe 100 has an all-wheel drive system with three wheels. The range of the battery is 220 km and there is an additional, portable battery. The compact, lightweight body and minimalist design accommodates three people. The classic design of the Nobe continues in the interior. It also has a convertible hardtop, making it the first convertible EV. It is an autonomous and first-class technology that identifies the driver as he approaches his car. It automatically opens the doors, sets the preferred temperature and can, among other things, play your favorite song.

But this microcar is not yet in production. The company Nobe Cars is still looking for funding for fund-raising. At the editorial time, the total funding is still at 38%.