BMW R nineT as a tribute to Lenny Kravitz

With Lenny Kravitz’s concert at the Zitadelle Spandau on June 12 in mind, the BMW Motorrad plant in Berlin located in the immediate vicinity, in partnership with “Motor Circus”, created an extraordinary art project. In less than two weeks, the bike was created from a BMW R nineT, which reflects the music and style of the rock star in many of its features. The bike will be presented to the public for the first time at the concert.

BMW R nineT to become a rock star
A rock star without a guitar is hard to imagine, so a complete electric guitar was built into the tank. It ends at the rear of the vehicle with the guitar neck. To add to the extravagance of rock and soul legend Kravitz, the tank and the seat were covered with a special crocodile embossed felt fabric. The fabric itself is a show stopper simply for its feel and look. The pickups have been equipped with LEDs to put the flanks of the bike in the right light. A records has also been integrated into the rear wheel. The tinted headlamp symbolizes Lenny Kravitz’s ever-present sunglasses.

“Motor Circus” workshop: ambassador for motorcycle culture
The founders of “Motor Circus”, Christoph Köhler and Marco Kramer, don’t see themselves as “classic” customizers. They’re interested in more than just motorcycling, adventure tours and bike conversions, also developing many motorcycle-related works of art from pictures to furniture. Essentially, their passion and honest conviction extends to the whole “circus” around motorcycles.